Commission Done!

2012Article posted by Gilly

It has taken several weeks but the seascape commission that I outlined in my last ‘art blog’ is now complete and, having seen an emailed image, my client has said -” Beautiful. When can I take it home!” So, that’s all a big relief. It wasn’t an easy painting for me, working on a subject with which I’m not too comfortable and wondering if I was going to make it work. Plus the size. But now that it’s done and looks a cohesive whole with good colours and temperature, I wouldn’t mind tackling another piece of similar dimensions. Not an ocean. ‘though!! At least, not one like that. If I do ever paint oceans I like the drama of waves and movement. Trying to show a transparent surface and still make it look watery and with some semblance of the currents moving towards the shore took a lot of patience and more than my amount of skill. However, it has worked, it has been congratulated, and I’m pleased.

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