Rejection & Acceptance! And Cindy Lane.

2012Article posted by Gilly

If you’re a devotee of abstract art, you might want to skip this paragraph, as I’m about to have a whinge!!!! The City of Swan Contemporary Art Awards rejected my beautiful kookaburra painting! I guess I wasn’t all that surprised, after having been told that they interpret “contemporary” as abstract works. Which is not the dictionary definition. The dictionary’s definition is: “contemporary = of the moment”. My interpretation of that, in relation to artwork, is that it should include any work that has been painted now. I strongly feel that if an art exhibition only wishes to accept abstract art, then this should be clearly stated on the entry form. They did not. However, a blanket email was sent out (possibly, several other rejected artists also queried, ‘though I didn’t) outlining their criteria for acceptance,, which stated: “.... contemporary - interpreted as thought-provoking, conveying ideas, of the moment, exhibiting exemplary use of materials in relation to form and having a clear conceptual framework”. (Note: they do mention ‘of the moment’, but don’t seem to relate this to works of realism. In fact, although this is hearsay, I was also told that one judge commented that realist artists are only copyists without imagination!!!!!!! Makes your blood boil, doesn’t it, my realist friends!)

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