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Art or Interior Design?

2013Article posted by Gilly

At the recent Wanneroo Joondalup Art Society Exhibition, a fellow exhibitior told me that she’d just overheard a couple discussing one of the works on display.  The husband loved the piece and wanted to buy it. The wife dissuaded him because: “it doesn’t match the colour of the lounge suite!!!”

Sadly, I’ve now heard this all too often. Instead of being a stand-alone centrepiece and an heirloom for future generations, art has become, in many minds, just an item of fashion and design, to be tossed out when the old lounge suite is tossed out. The fact that the artist’s heart and soul and emotion is interwoven into every facet of the work is completely ignored, all that seems to matter is that it blends with the decor. No wonder Red Dot and Target prints sell so well, and those photographs enlarged onto canvas. They are cheaper and more easily disposable than an artwork that has taken weeks to create, years to percolate in the artist’s mind, and a lifetime of practise to perfect the techniques and skill.

Having said that, I’m thrilled to report that one of my four-figure paintings has sold!!!!  It didn’t sell at Mazenod Exhibition, but it was seen there and the couple who fell in love with it contacted me and asked if I’d consider putting it on ‘lay-by’?!  Well, of course I would. They’ve paid a deposit and the painting is now hanging on my Studio wall for me to enjoy for a while longer until they’ve finished paying for it. It is the painting entitled ‘A Fairy’s Story’ - 4 kookaburras and a Splendid Fairy Wren on old fenceposts. So, I really can’t complain about non-sales now, can I?

I was also awarded the Peoples’ Choice prize at the WJAS Exhibition - although neither of my paintings sold! Mad, that the public voted for the painting but no-one bought it! That was the two swans, “Stately Progress’. Oh well, c’est la vie!!!

Wendy vanderLaan came and did one of her wonderful drawing workshops at our Baskerville group and everyone had a ball. They’re all longing for her to return for another of her innovative and fun sessions. Even those who maintain that they ‘can’t draw’ produced interesting and exciting pieces of work.

One of the reasons I haven’t written my ‘blog’ for a few weeks is a painful shoulder which intensifies if I sit at the computer for too long. I’ve been having physio - also painful - which, hopefully, will do some good. Also, I’ve been working on my large oil painting of the silver items which is now finished and with which I’m ecstatic. In fact, I was so disappointed when I finished it because it WAS finished!!!! I really feel that I’ve achieved everything I set for myself - the shapes, the shine, the reflections, the drapes of the lace, the softness of the camellia, everything. I would love to paint more still life, in fact I have a hankering to paint a selection of glassware now, but it isn’t a genre that really appeals to the modern buyer. Not that it really matters if no-one buys, but I do have to remember that my husband also lives in this house! It isn’t just a gallery for all my undold work!!!! So, for now, it’s back to my birds.

I had a fabulous day on Wednesday having lunch with ‘The Arty Girls’. There were 10 of us and we met at the Art Gallery of Western Australia. Some of us went into the “van Gogh & Beyond” exhibition (van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec, Salvadore Dali, Matisse, Warhol, Picasso and more) whilst those who’d already seen it wandered the other gallery rooms. That type of art really isn’t my cup of tea (they MUST have been on mind-altering drugs, mustn’t they?), but I was glad I saw it and there were several pieces that I did like. These are the icons of their age and it is a privilege that we can view their work even if it doesn’t touch us emotionally. After the exhibition we had lunch and I think the cafe patrons were quite relieved when we left - what a noisy group! Those who attended were: myself, Julie Silvester, Linda O’Brien, Betty MacLean, Karen Barnes, Stephanie Boyle (who looked fantastic in a flowing red creation!!), Marie Turner, Marianne Power, Lucy Papalia and Carmen McFaull. Check out the websites and see what a marvellously talented group of ladies they all are. I felt really honoured to be accepted as one of the group.

I know that I keep mentioning paintings that have not yet appeared on the website. They will, eventually. However, I can now report officially that my gorgeous daughter, and website manager, is off to live in the USA for three years due to her husband’s promotion at work. Her Mum (moi) is absolutely devastated, of course, but I do understand the adventure and opportunity that they are about to undergo as a family. However, it has meant that she’s been incredibly busy and, I’m afraid, Mum’s website is way down the list of priorities at the moment!!! Nor would I hassle her about it until they are over there and settled. Hopefully, she’ll then have more time and can do some updating and revamping of the website. Gosh, I’m going to miss her SO much!!!!!

Will write again before Xmas. Promise!    Gilly


julie silvester | October 18, 2013

Finally been able to read your last couple of blogs! With being away and busy Ive not had a chance to have a good read. You are one talented and beautiful lady Gilly and I feel very privileged to have you in my life, even if I only see you from time to time. Your works are STUNNING and you just keep getting better and better! How wonderful is this artistic journey we are on ....... I never want to get off!!

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