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Well, I think September was the most exhausting month I’ve ever had to endure! I’m not sure how I managed to negotiate it and emerge at the other end. Certainly I was so worn out that for almost a week following I could do nothing but the essential house stuff and then to collapse into my armchair and read books! OK, some were art books and magazines which have filled my head with a kaleidoscope of new ideas, but mostly they were just the crime thrillers that I love, taking me away from everything into different countries and characters and the realms of fiction.

As I mentioned in my last ‘blog’, Trigg Art Group exhibition was at the beginning of September and although I had the most invaluable help from the Committee, the responsibility was ultimately mine. Fortunately, it was a great success and we had many accolades about the wonderful Opening Night - introverted little me having to give a short speech! - and the overall appearance and friendliness of the entire weekend. We sold more paintings than the few previous exhibitions (unfortunately, none of them mine!) and everyone said it was a great experience. So I think we did well as a Committee.

Three days before the hanging of the Trigg exhibition we had hung our Houghtons exhibition, five of us with about 60 paintings, and throughout the month-long display we were all taking it in turns to be rostered on at the venue. We had thought it such a good omen that even whilst we were hanging Lynette sold two of her paintings! But, in the end, it was a disappointing experience. Both Gina and Jean sold work and it was their folk art backgrounds that seemed to appeal to buyers, but Lynette sold nothing else, Val only sold one small painting and I sold a $30 unframed watercolour!!! Not worth the effort. I also found the cellars to be oppressive and dark and so bloody cold!!! In fact, we talked of going down into The Dungeon, it was that dank and claustrophobic.

And I am more than ever convinced that wineries are not where people want to buy art. Several times I emerged up the wooden stairway to see the grounds full of people picnicking and dining - despite the awful weather - and yet only a handful had come down into The Dungeon to view the artwork, and mostly just whilst they were waiting for their food to be served. I won’t be repeating the exercise again.

Of course, now I’m panicking that my solo exhibition at ZigZag Gallery next year will see no sales at all for me! I’m trying to convince myself that at least this is a bona fide art gallery and that is what visitors expect to see. Whether my style of realism will appeal is another matter - I certainly don’t seem to be flavour of the month at the moment. Quirky, cartoonish, and very cheap that matches the interior decor is what the public seem to want. Whilst hiding down in The Dungeon I did try to draw some caricatures but it just isn’t what I do and I didn’t enjoy it. And we have to paint for our own enjoyment, don’t we? So I’ll just plod on with what I do and hope that the wind and public tastes change.

I am trying something just a leetle different, using modelling paste to create textured rocks in a new coastal-flavoured oil painting. So far I’ve only applied the texture, no paint has been brushed on yet so it really is a work in progress. I completed an oil painting of a rocky shore and am really happy with it, but all the texture in the rocks was done with just my brushes. I also have a ‘commission’’ for a friend in Ireland - her husband recently sold his beloved Porsche and she’s asked for a painting that she can give to him for Xmas. I’ve not attempted a car before so this will be interesting. I’m going to try it in watercolour as I feel I can manage the finer details with a brush rather than in pastel. And it will be easier to send.

Also in September I did manage to beat the deadline for the Artist’s Palette magazine, with the help of my wonderfully technically-gifted daughter, and have been advised that the article and demonstration piece will be published in Issue No. 150 which, I believe, will be in the newsagents towards the end of November. I hope everyone rushes out and buys a copy!!!!! Also, with my darling girl’s assistance, I’m organising four new images for greetings cards as I’ve just about run out of my last batch.

And, despite the let-down of Houghtons, today I posted my entry form for the St Michael & All Angel’s Church exhibition in North Beach which will be held in early December. I haven’t entered their exhibition before so I’m hoping it’ll be a new venue for my type of work.

Finally, I have to say that I’m absolutely blown-away with sketches that my daughter has been creating. I knew she was talented but hadn’t realised what an imagination and skill she possessed for contemporary illustration. She’s following something called Inktober which gives her a theme and accompanying word from which she has to create a sketch. e.g witches and the words have been ‘autumn’ and ‘urban’. What she has imagined has me open-mouthed in admiration and wonder. I think she’d like to add illustration to her graphic design credentials and, to me, she’s going to achieve her goals very soon.

There, proud Mum talking!

’Til next time. xxxxx

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