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It has taken several weeks but the seascape commission that I outlined in my last ‘art blog’ is now complete and, having seen an emailed image, my client has said -” Beautiful. When can I take it home!” So, that’s all a big relief. It wasn’t an easy painting for me, working on a subject with which I’m not too comfortable and wondering if I was going to make it work. Plus the size. But now that it’s done and looks a cohesive whole with good colours and temperature, I wouldn’t mind tackling another piece of similar dimensions. Not an ocean. ‘though!! At least, not one like that. If I do ever paint oceans I like the drama of waves and movement. Trying to show a transparent surface and still make it look watery and with some semblance of the currents moving towards the shore took a lot of patience and more than my amount of skill. However, it has worked, it has been congratulated, and I’m pleased.

My confidence is on the rise again having sold three more paintings recently. One at Mazenod College Exhibition and then two at Wanneroo Art Society Exhibition. None of these have yet made it to my website, my gorgeous daughter being somewhat overwhelmed with her own work at the moment, but they will be there one day! And speaking of the website, we seem to have encountered a small copyright glitch in relation to it, namely that it doesn’t appear we have stated that my works are all copyrighted hence, two have been purloined!!!! I happened to Google my name for fun the other day (as you do!!) and discovered a site that is using two of my images as online jigsaw puzzles! I was amazed and shocked when I realised that they were my paintings and ‘though the site has definitely acknowledged me by name, no-one asked me for permission. My husband was concerned that they might be paedophile sites as both images are of children on the beach, but my daughter managed to check that out and said not. However, she will now have to do some modification to my website and possibly incorporate watermarks or some such device onto my images to make sure they cannot be used. I doubt if I have any recourse against the jigsaw site this time, but have to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Perhaps I would have given permission had they been decent enough to ask. It was just accessing and taking them without asking that was annoying.

Still computer-related, and when are we not, these days? I thought I might enter my kookaburras in the City of Swan Art Awards this year. They are now calling them the Contemporary Visual Art Awards and ‘though ‘contemporary’ actually means anything painted currently I’ve been warned that the judges might only consider contemporary to be in the abstract genre. However, I was also told to ‘give it a go’ so I looked at the entry form on line and discovered that all initial submissions have to be made digitally, lots of instructions about sending the image at so many megabytes etc.!!!! Well, much as I can understand them wanting to make their final selections digitally (which means they don’t have to tell an artist to their face that they don’t want to hang their work!), I find this practise of everything being submitted on the computer totally discriminating. There are many artists, young and old, who are not so computer-literate, or don’t even own computers, and this effectively bans them from entering any work. I’m fortunate in that I can ask my daughter to submit the entry for me because there is no way I could do it myself. Others might not be so lucky. It is a very sad situation.

More happily, I was so pleased a couple of weeks ago to make contact again with another artist. We’d lost touch after she moved from the Perth area and no longer attended the same art groups. Her name is Karen Barnes and she does beautiful work ‘though has mentioned that she hasn’t painted in a while due to losing confidence. I don’t know why because she it very skilled and talented, but sometimes we go through these things. However, she is now picking up her brushes again and has a new website which, of course, I can’t remember the address for at the moment! I should check these things before I begin writing. But if you Google her you’ll find her and she’s well worth a look. I’m so looking forward to seeing all the new paintings she’s going to create.

Now that the commission is over I’ve returned to a watercolour painting and am in absolute heaven. Can one really be transported by spending an entire afternoon painting leaf litter!? I was yesterday, and realised how glorious it is to be painting just for myself again. This is my attempt at a Carl Brenders-type work, heaps of detail with tree bark, fallen branches, ground detritus, leafy plants and two rabbits. Am loving what is happening so far.

A plug for our Baskerville Art and Craft Exhibition (Valley Learning Centre) being staged on 20th/21st October at Baskerville Hall, Memorial Avenue, Baskerville. 10.00 am - 4.00 pm. There will be home-made refreshments on sale, beautiful quilts and other craft, the art, a display of hand-built model yachts by one of our talented men (which is an art form in itself), a playground for the children, and a door prize of a painting by one of our art group members. So come and spend a day in the beautiful Swan Valley, have lunch, do some wine-tasting,  and call in to see us as well. You might find an artwork you can’t resist!


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