Done and Dusted!

2017Article posted by Gilly

That’s a funny expression but it really does sum up the finish of my solo exhibition on 26th November. It is now all done and dusted! It was quite an experience and although sales weren’t as good as I would have liked, at least I covered my costs and the week was extremely confidence-boosting with so many compliments and words like ‘amazing’, ‘awesome’, ‘talented’, ‘beautiful’, ‘extraordinary’ and ‘wonderful’ being poured into my ears about the display. One man even said that he goes to all the exhibitions there as he lives just across the road, and mine was the best he’d ever seen!!! I may not be able to find a hat to fit my head for many months to come!!!

My paintings certainly did look wonderful in the gallery, much better than in my Studio. The freshness of the walls and the superb lighting made the colours glow and it all looked very professional. I could not have carted them all there, and home again,  without the help of my lovely friends, Val, Lynette, Gina and Pat. My wagon was filled, Lynette’s Challenger also,  and the boot of Gina’s car. One of the reasons I won’t do another solo show - the logistics of transport are now a bit overwhelming. I was so grateful to Marilyn, the curator/events manager at ZigZag who shooed us away and then hung the entire exhibition herself. I can’t speak too highly of the Gallery for their assistance with advertising fliers and posters, advertising on electronic media, and Marilyn’s input. I would certainly have a joint exhibition there in the future.

My Opening was well attended with about 50 people viewing and, once again, I am so grateful to my friends who supplied platters of food - Val, Lynette, Gina, Pat, Aileen and my sister, Debs, plus my rather bemused husband who poured many glasses of wine for the guests. Throughout the week I made myself artist-in-residence for most of the day and talked to so many people, lots of them artists in their own right, some who had even come to view because they knew my name from the art magazines in which I’ve written articles. I tried to keep a rough tally of the visitors and I estimate there were about 350, all of whom were complimentary! I also managed to make good headway on a watercolour of roses which was a good topic for breaking the ice when people were obviously shy to comment.

All in all the experience was a positive one if not hugely rewarding financially. At least I have a lot of new paintings for next year’s exhibitions! And two little commissions to do over the summer break.

My lovely daughter/web-mistress has also updated the paintings on my website so there are about 20 or so new ones to view.
Whilst my Studio was empty I gave it a really thorough spring-clean so all is now fresh and sparkling for the new paintings that are rolling around in my head. No matter that things don’t sell at the moment, I can never, ever stop painting.

Have a Merry Xmas, everyone, and a New Year full of joy, paint-loaded brushes, luscious pigments on canvas or whatever support you use, and imaginations full of creativity and enthusiasm.

With love - Gilly xxx


Val | December 08, 2017

It was a great exhibition Gilly, you have every right to be proud of yourself.
I am pleased that I could help in some way.
Keep on painting .


Margie | December 18, 2017

So pleased your exhibition went very well Gilly, makes all the hard work & effort so worthwhile.

Margie xx

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