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As mentioned in my previous ‘blog’, drawing has been my main focus of late. So far I’ve completed five lovely, little nude sketches, just using graphite and charcoal pencils with white pastel highlights, and I’m rather pleased with the results. I’m particularly pleased that my proportions have been achieved correctly with very little erasing, and mostly with none.

I’ve also booked in for a life drawing class this coming Friday with Rui Zhi Bian (aka Ray) whom I saw demonstrating at Trigg Art Group a couple of months ago. I haven’t drawn a figure from life for several years so it should be a very interesting three hours. I hope I don’t make too much of a mess of it! But I am looking forward to it.

My sister also asked me if I could make prints of conte pastel drawings I did of our grandparents some time ago and they could be her Xmas gift for this year. She wanted them in smaller versions so I decided it would be much better, and good practise for me, to draw them completely afresh for her. For the one of our grandmother I even chose a different photograph, one that has more relevance to my sister’s memory of her. I’m exceptionally pleased with how they turned out, and hope my sister will be, also.

Then there was the oil painting of Pinkey’s Beach, Rottnest, which I completed for a dear friend and is now hanging on her wall - she couldn’t wait for it to be varnished so I’ll have to take it back in a couple of months to finish it off. She was very pleased with the painting. My first sale for over 12 months - yay!!!!!!!!

I’ve been involved in two more exhibitions and, once again, sold nothing of mine. Although my oil painting, ’Summer Feast’, did poll second in the People’s Choice at Trigg Art and my pastel painting of a Clydesdale foal won the New Beginnings Competition at the Baskerville Art and Craft Exhibition. So it’s good to be recognised.

The weekend of the Baskerville Exhibition was a frantic one as it was also my mother’s 90th birthday for which my sister and I had been planning for weeks - special cake, food, balloons, gifts, and organising an almost-surprise party for her - we’d had to let her know she was ‘going out for tea’ but we didn’t tell her about all the guests and arrangements. She was quite overcome and seemed to enjoy herself tremendously. She’s still as bright as a button and very sprightly for a 90 year old and people are always surprised that she lives at home, with her husband, and not in any retirement village. My sister and I are proud of the good genes we’ve inherited!  The following day was the baptism and lunch of my youngest nephew’s baby girl - so although I’d been very involved in the organisation and set up of the Baskerville Exhibition, I was unable to be in attendance throughout the weekend, which is the part I quite enjoy. Anyway, everything went well everywhere.

The funniest thing happened a couple of weeks ago when I received a rather frantic email on the Thursday from Sandra Menegola of Trigg Art Group - we had another demonstration booked with Drewfus Gates for our monthly meeting. Unfortunately, the poor man was taken to hospital earlier in the week (he’s OK, thank goodness) but it left us without a demonstrator for the next day. She wondered if I could step in!!!! Nervous is not the word! I managed to cobble together a very rushed pastel demonstration of a silver coffee pot on a black support which, to my relief, turned out very well indeed. I was just worried that I was going to be such a let-down when everyone was expecting the wonderful Drewfus, but it seemed to be appreciated and everyone has loved the extremely ‘spontaneous’ result.

Now I’m indulging myself with another ‘nostalgia’ painting. The subject is myself as a toddler - I’d painted it in pastel many years ago and it was sold, in fact, it’s the first painting I ever sold at an exhibition. So I painted it again, in watercolour, and because I had very little for a Wanneroo Art Society Exhibition I entered it with a very high price, just for something to enter, and it sold again!!!!!! This time I’m attempting it in oils - I’ve painted different backgrounds each time to keep up the interest - and maybe it won’t be going in any exhibitions so that I can keep it!!!!

Until next time.  Gilly xx

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