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My wonderful daughter/web mistress has finally found a squeeze of time in her overly busy schedule to upload 16 of my latest paintings to the website. I’ve been talking about them, now you can actually see them!

All except one, that is!!!

In the last ‘blog’ I was telling you about the pastel painting of horses on the beach, the one that painted itself. I freely admit that the photos of the two horses were not mine. It’s unusual for me not to use my own or friends’ photos but these poses jumped out at me about three years ago from a desk calendar and I had nothing similar. The painting percolated in my head over that three years. The original photo showed three horses galloping in a very green paddock with trees in the background. I wanted to use the poses of only two of the horses and place them galloping along the beach, which is what I did. I hadn’t realised that the painting was going to turn out so well or receive such acclaim from my peers.

When it did, I thought I should do the right thing regarding copyright so I contacted the photographer (bit of a web search) to ask permission to use the poses. I offered to acknowledge the photographer on my painting, pay a fee if required, and advertise the person on my website. Well, you can guess from all of this, the photographer REFUSED permission! I must admit, I was very taken aback. I am so accustomed to the generosity of artists and photographers in Australia that it hadn’t occurred to me that someone would refuse. (This person is in the USA.) The reply was that I should not use the painting I had done for “commercial gain or promotion”!

I’m disappointed, of course, as it is a beautiful painting (even ‘though I say so myself!), but I merely thanked the photographer for a prompt response. Although this means I can’t put the painting on my website or enter it in any public exhibitions. Despite that, I’ve had the painting framed and it will now hang on my Studio wall for my own enjoyment. You’ll notice that I have carefully omitted to state whether this photographer was male or female as there is no way I’m going to advertise or promote such a mean-spirited person. However, this is a warning to us all and a hard learnt lesson for me - NEVER assume that you will be granted permission to use a copyrighted image and NEVER copy another person’s work in any way, shape or form, even by the smallest degree. And don’t expect other people to be as generous as you are yourself!!!

BUT - there is a silver lining. Once I recovered my wits,I contacted a friend of mine here in The Valley who has her own horses and she kindly agreed to run a couple of them on the lunge for me. As it happened, she has a beautiful pure white Andalusian and has just acquired a stunning, 6 yr old dapple grey warmblood gelding. So, armed with camera on multiple-shot setting and tripod, I drove the 10 minute route to her property. The young gelding obligingly galloped around the round yard in complete freedom, even jumping poles, and then Sue took him to the end of his paddock whilst her husband stood next to me with a bucket of pony nuts. Once released, the gelding simply flew towards us up the paddock, mane and tail streaming. And he thought it was such a good game, he did it a second time! Then the Andalusian also happily raced around his paddock for me, so all in all I took 161 photographs of which 150 were great shots. So Anakin and Toby will soon be immortalised in paint. And it also means that I now have dozens more horse paintings in my head!!!!!

I have now drawn from two of the photos - and it’s no surprise that the galloping poses are very similar to those depicted on the calendar as, duh!, horses move in a similar fashion all over the world!!!!! But, at least, I can prove that these are my very own photos! I won’t be able to recreate the original painting, it never goes the same twice, but I will manage something similar. I already have the sky and clouds pastelled and am eager to continue, despite today’s 41 degree Celsius heat!!!

So, that’s my final whinge for the year!  My New Year’s Resolution is to be a lot more positive and try not to dwell on these negative occurrences. But, it was great that this small setback prompted me to get out there and take my own photos and have a wonderful morning with these magnificent creatures that I love so much.

May you all have a wonderfully successful 2013 filled with laughter and good health and masses of new painting ideas!!!! ‘Til next year, stay safe and I hope you continue to enjoy reading my random thoughts!  Gilly


Mario and Luigi | March 10, 2013

absolutely wonderful.

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