May/June 2009

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Well, this is my first attempt at posting an entry in any sort of ‘blog’ - so here goes. First of all, I want to give my hugest thanks to my darling daughter for designing this fantastic website for me. The comments I’ve received so far have been extremely complimentary and all agree she is such a clever young woman. So, my darling, thank you so much.

A couple of events happened in May - first of all I belong to a group in the Swan Valley known as Artisans on Swan. We are not an art group, per se, but a collection of artists (painting, pottery, textiles, sculptors etc) and art-related business who have come together to promote art in the Valley. We have instituted an art trail brochure and and are currently looking for a ‘home’ where we can present some of our work to the public. Having been shocked by the recent terrible bushfires in Victoria, we became aware of a sculptor/artist (Bruno Torfs) over there who has lost everything - his home, his sculpture garden, everything he has worked on over the last 30 years. Even his clay sculptures, surviving the heat of the fires, were smashed by falling trees. So, as Artisans on Swan, we decided to hold an art auction here to raise funds for him. Caversham House, in the Valley, donated their premises, a pizza house donated an oven and pizzas, other food was donated as were cartons of wine from several wineries. And the artists of Perth rallied together and donated over 300 items to be auctioned. It was an incredibly hot and tiring day for all of us concerned, but we raised almost $49,000 (Aus) and Bruno - who came across from Victoria with his wife - was overwhelmed with the generosity of Western Australians. He said that he had not known anyone in this state before, and now he has a whole new family. It was a great day.

I am also a member of Wanneroo Art Society and they held their Autumn Exhibition a couple of weeks ago. As they usually meet of an evening and I’m increasingly nervous of driving at night (getting older!) I rarely attend the meetings, so I try to help as much as I can during the exhibitions. So, I helped to hang a couple of hundred paintings and then was on the sales desk - and extremely busy! - on the Sunday afternon. It was a very successful exhibition, considering the ‘economic climate’, and two of my own paintings sold, which was thrilling. ‘Young Roo’ and ‘Two in the Bush’ now have new homes. It was enjoyable to talk with the people who had purchased them.

Yesterday, 5th June, I conducted my second watercolour workshop. Our subject was glass and lace which many of the attendees thought totally daunting at first, but they all produced very creditable paintings and discovered it’s all a matter of concentration and patience and careful layering of pigment. They all seemed to enjoy themselves and we had a lot of laughs as well. They’re now all looking forward to the next one (not for a few months!) and have requested brass and velvet. I’ve never attempted to paint velvet myself so that will be a huge challenge for me, too! I’ll probably write a little article about the workshop later on.

Now I have to find out if I can post this on the ‘blog’!

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