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2015Article posted by Gilly

Hello Everyone - well, I’m finally back into the swing of things with art groups recommencing and the first exhibition entry forms sitting on my desk waiting to be filled in.

Speaking of which, I never received the courtesy of a reply from that Caloundra Gallery regarding the wild bird art exhibition that I mentioned in my last ‘blog’, but thought I’d give it one more try to see if the exhibition was genuine. I went onto the gallery’s website and, lo and behold!, there was an item advertising the exhibition as a forthcoming event, plus a contact email address. So I emailed that I was interested but unsure of the logistics for sending paintings to Queensland. This time they replied within a couple of days, sending an entry form and recommending an art specialist courier based in Malaga. I sent an email to the courier firm, who very promptly replied within 10 minutes, which was impressive. However, to send my gallery-wrap (i.e. unframed canvas on a light stretcher), 45 cms x 65 cms,  quite a small oil painting, across Australia would cost $275 + GST!!!!!! And that’s just one way! If my painting was unsold, it would cost the same amount to have it shipped back!

Naturally, hubby laughed and said it was ridiculous. And I honestly can’t justify that type of expense, either. OK, there’s a $10,000 prize offered (acquisitive), but knowing the likes of Greg Postle, possibly William T Cooper and Paul Margoscy would doubtless be entrants, what sort of chance would my little painting stand? So it’s a no-go for me, that’s for sure. However, if any of my lovely artist friends are interested - the exhibition is in June so entries have to be submitted soon - just contact me and I’ll send you the details. Or contact the Caloundra Gallery in Queensland.

Mentioning Paul Margoscy, my friend Val and I drove up to the ZigZag Gallery in Kalamunda a couple of weeks ago to see his exhibition of stunningly beautiful watercolour bird art.  Paul is a Melbourne-based artist and he was at the Gallery when we visited so it was really interesting to be able to speak with him and talk about his art. He paints many of his works on watercolour canvas and then varnishes them, a quite unusual technique. His paintings look more like oils or acrylics than watercolour and, to be quite honest, I wasn’t keen on the varnished effect. It made the work, which is absolutely beautiful, look rather ‘plastic’.  We spent almost two hours with him, also chatting to the artist lady with whom he was staying for the weekend, and I bought his book and he signed the flyleaf for me. I was also very taken with a little painting that he was working on at the time - he has a photographic memory so doesn’t use reference material! - but his prices aren’t low and when I asked about taking it as it was he quickly quoted $400. Then he said he’d let me have it for $250 cash, but I didn’t think hubby would appreciate me spending that much on such a tiny painting so I left it. Of course, when I got home and told said hubby, he said “Why didn’t you buy it”!!!  Typical!

I’ve since been told that Paul sold 7 out of the 20 or so paintings he had on display. The majority of his work was $2 - 3000, so I’m really wondering if the exhibition was a financial success for him. What with the cost of shipping his work from Melbourne and back again, his air fares, and the cost of hiring the Gallery, it doesn’t seem to me that it was a very financially rewarding trip. I could be totally wrong, of course!

On Friday I attended Trigg Art Group where Val Brooks gave a great demonstration in pastels. If she reads this she might be pleased to know that the friend I took with me as a guest has always shied away from adding figures to her pastel work, but having seen the effectiveness of Val’s technique she went straight home to look through her photos with the idea of giving it a go. That’s the wonderful thing about demonstrations - you always learn something, or are inspired to try something you would never have attempted before.  I always enjoy them, no matter what medium they might be using.

A fun thing that I did recently was to accept a 5-Day Challenge on Facebook - posting three of my painting images each day for five days. Other artist friends have taken part as well, and it has been great to see so many different works that normally, perhaps, we wouldn’t get to see. They sit in Studios or they get sold privately, and they aren’t out there in the wider viewing world. Of course, we all get lots of compliments and encouragement from our peers on Facebook which is very good for the artistic soul, but we are all friends so no-one’s going to say anything really unkind about another artist’s work, are they? We leave that to the critics who have no caring soul at all!!!!!

I have completed a small canvas depicting the wild parrots who inhabit our garden - it would have been my entry if I’d decided to enter the Queensland exhibition - and have now taken a deep breath and begun the portrait montage of our dearest, recently departed, beautiful dog. It was hard to start - drawing that beloved face with the trusting eyes and wettest of noses, but now she is coming alive again and I’m happy to be doing it.

So, I will get back to it. Take care and keep creating.  Gilly


Naomi | March 22, 2015

Hi Gilly.

Thought I’d let you know if you want to freight work over east the best people to use are inter parcel. just google them.

they are all online freight company and the prices are about 1/3-1/4 of what you stated.  example I shipped about 6 pieces to brisbane , in a crate for about $90. coming back is always a bit dearer. the thing is you have to do all the paper work yourself and pay online and to use them coming back you have to email all the paper work to the organisers so they can attach it to your return work. But the effort is worth the huge saving in cost, otherwise i would not be doing the interstate comps that i do enter. Its worth investigating and they use all the main freight people and I’ve never had work lost damaged etc and they always turn up on time for pick up so i think they are pretty good.

Im having an exhibition on the 8th may so hope you will be able to come along . its on this the 31st may . will send you an invite.  cheers naomi

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