Where did January go?

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Goodness gracious, January has disappeared without a trace! I’ve been busy the whole time but it has just flown past and I didn’t even get to write a ‘blog’. So I’d better get back into the routine and start catching up.

The second ‘Sea Horses’ pastel has been completed and I’m happy enough. Some people have said that they prefer it to the first one. Another lesson that it taught me is that I will never be a forger! Trying to recreate the strokes and colours of the first one was very difficult and just about impossible in places. I’ve realised that I really go into a ‘zone’ when I’m working and colours and paint or pastel strokes become instinctive, so that when I stand back from a piece I’m often amazed and wonder how I actually did it! So it was with the first piece. Looking at the original I had no idea how I achieved some of the effects. So, in the end, I just abandoned trying to make a clone and allowed this one to flow in its own direction. It’s very similar, but it’s not the same. However, at least I can say that everything about it is absolutely original and all my own work!!!

With all the wonderful horse photos that I gained, I’ve drawn another pose on canvas and am going to be brave and try experimenting with a pouring technique. Anyone who has followed my ‘blogs’ will know that I’m not at all experimental and, also, won’t be surprised to hear that I haven’t attempted it yet! Can’t find the courage, at the moment! But I will, I will! In the meantime, whilst that one sits on the drawing board, I’ve been painting another oils on canvas and I’m in absolute raptures over it. I just put the brush on the canvas and away it goes!!! I don’t seem to have to do a thing! This one is a complicated (and how I love complicated!) composition of red-tailed black cockatoos, tree trunks and branches, leaves, a receding valley in the background, bottlebrush flowers and New Holland honeyeaters. It is taking me forever and I’m enjoying every second. I’m about halfway along so have a couple or three more weeks of painting to do yet so, fingers crossed, I don’t stuff it up!

Art group meetings have recommenced and our Baskerville group has had to move home for the first term whilst Baskerville Hall is being renovated. We’re meeting in a much smaller hall so we’re very snug, but the group is back into the swing and we have a couple of new members. I’ve been trying to show one of our new ladies the rudiments of watercolour painting which, as all watercolourists will know, is probably the hardest medium to attempt for a beginner. At the moment I’m just showing her how to paint washes and control the amount of water on the brush. She hasn’t given up yet! We rather like the location of this hall as it’s right on West Swan Road so we’ve decided to hold our annual exhibition there this year and are booked for the end of October. We’re hoping to attract more passing traffic, which has always been a difficulty at Baskerville Hall which is way down Memorial Avenue and off the main track, and even ‘though we put up advertising banners, the traffic along Great Northern Highway is whizzing along at 80 kph and can’t screech to a stop in order to turn and visit us. And the Shire won’t give permission for banners to be further along the highway and more prominently displayed. Relying on community newspaper and radio advertising hasn’t been very successful.

I want to recommend three new artists that I’ve come across. KEIKO TANABE is a Japanese born lady now living in California and her watercolours are just exquisite. I love her use of colour, soft yet vibrant. RAYMOND HARRIS CHING is a British wildlife artist who is absolutely wonderful. And my niece in the USA met an amazing African American artist named S. ROSS BROWN who, among many other subjects,  paints the most unusual and highly original studies of African American women in Tudor costume. These particularly caught my eye although, as I said, they are not his only focus. His style, vision and imagination is amazing and he was kind enough to respond to my email with a very detailed explanation of his thought processes - maybe a little too intellectual for simple old me, but extremely interesting. I would recommend that you check out these three brilliant artists.

Right, back to my cockatoos!!!



Cindy Lane | February 18, 2013

Hey Gilly, glad to see you back blogging again.
Where do the days go??

All your art adventures sound quite lively - looking forward to seeing you new pieces and exhibition.

Back to the easel with you now…

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