Art in the Making - On Alert

2009Article posted by Admin

I photographed this blue-winged kookaburra in a cage at Healsville Wildlife Sanctuary in the Victorian Dandenongs, only a couple of months before the devastating bushfires swept through the area. I did hear that all of the animals in the sanctuary were transferred to safer quarters, so I hope he’s still OK. By painting him I feel that I have set him free.

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My techniques for painting rocks

2009Article posted by Gilly

I find it very informative to see how other artists approach their subject matter and the methods they use to gain effects. Even if the style or medium is not what you use yourself, there is always some little gain that you can incorporate in your own paintings. So, you might find it interesting to view the attached ‘demonstration’ on how I painted the rock formations in Vantage Point. It was a fun subject and I was pleased with the final results.

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In a Reflective MoodWatercolour, 44cm x 30cm


Complications of a Still Life

2008Article posted by Gilly

When Australian Artist magazine invited me to submit a demonstration article I quickly became excited by how challenging this project would be. I am not at all competitive by nature but I do enjoy challenging myself when I paint, for example - trying to recreate the sparkle on a glass, the expression in an eye, the rough textures of an old wooden post, or the soft bloom on a rose petal. These are reasons that I am compelled to paint, along with the sheer joy of creating something with my own heart and hands. I paint because I can’t not paint.

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