Watercolour Workshop Feedback

2008Article posted by Gilly

The February workshop was a great success and I must say, ‘though I was exhausted by the end of the day, I enjoyed myself. It was a lovely group of people and everyone seemed keen to learn and I’ve collected feedback ready for my next workshop, including the lovely comments after the jump.

“The class was brilliant - I got a lot out of it, even your little seascape. I find that I learn so much more by seeing an actual demonstration rather than trying to figure it out for yourself or learning from a book. Some of the dvds are very good too. It was the techniques of glazing blending etc which was most valuable… I think your classes would be fully booked for a long time to come.”

“...I really enjoyed the workshop and the people… I found the workshop JUST PERFECT… not too rushed and certainly not slow. I was so inspired by Friday that I got my 88 year old Dad to give me my first lesson in oils. You never know where that might lead to.”

“... I really enjoyed your workshop and learnt quite a lot. Thank you so much again for giving us your time (and energy) on the day.”

“...first I’d like to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. It was a relaxing environment with nice people, so I didn’t realise how intense it had been ‘till I got home. So I think you got the balance right. I haven’t been to a workshop before, but yours made me feel I would enjoy going to others. On the whole it was an enjoyable and informative day – and please can I come again!”

“Firstly let me congratulate you on your first workshop. I felt you had a lovely balance of knowledge and fun! I too enjoyed myself and felt I had met some lovely people.”