Plein Air Afternoon

2008Article posted by Gilly

Monday mornings I’m involved with a small art group which is part of the Valley Learning Centre at Baskerville Hall, Memorial Avenue, Baskerville. We have a lot of fun and our members cover all levels of experience from beginners on, and paint in all mediums. There’s no planned instruction, we all help each other, and our sessions are very relaxed and enjoyable. (Plenty of room for new members if you want to join us!)

Last week a group of us decided to participate in an en plein air session so, after an hilarious lunch together, we all drove off to Houghton Winery and set ourselves up beneath the shade of an enormous Norfolk Island Pine. It was gorgeous weather, not too hot, but I don’t really recommend painting whilst wearing a fly veil as it does distort perception of colours! However, the flies are worse, so it’s a matter of choice!

The glorious jacarandas were in full bloom and there’s a magnificent stand of them in the winery grounds which we painted to our heart’s content.

It was a lovely afternoon with lots of laughs and some good experience at painting from nature. Something most of us don’t often find the opportunity to enjoy.

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