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2009Article posted by Gilly

Well, I have to say that I’m rather sad. A year of work, all the expenses of having invitations and new business cards printed, the cost of postage for the invitations and time spent doing mailbox drops, buying wine glasses, food and drink for the opening, not to mention trips to and from the Gallery, and the exhibition was not really much of a success - financially, that is.

Certainly, there was a lot of interest and wonderful comments about how beautiful my work is, the intricacy and detail etc, but sales were very poor.  Three paintings, one unframed miniature watercolour and one print (although I have sold two of the paintings since the exhibition which, I suppose, augurs well for the future). But it was a lot of hard work for very little financial gain and ‘though I always maintain that I paint for my own pleasure and don’t need to sell the work, one little part of me really wants the validation that people like my paintings enough to want to own them.

On reflection, date and venue were mistakes. I had thought I’d catch the Xmas shoppers but that seemed to backfire as people seemed to think in reverse - paintings were a luxury they couldn’t afford so near to Xmas. And the gallery in Whiteman Park just doesn’t attract the type of viewers who want paintings - the demographic is either young families enjoying a cheap day out, or tourists who don’t want bulky items to carry home. In fact, the lady who runs the gallery says she is slowly transforming it more into a gift shop of small items with just a few paintings on display as mine are really the first she’s sold in the 6 months since she’s taken over. That says something, doesn’t it?

Oh well, I had the exhibition there to help out the original owner of the gallery who was a good friend of mine, I’ve learnt my lesson. If I ever do a solo again (and at this point it’s not high on my list!) I’ll be much more choosy about venue and time of year. We live and learn. At least, being positive, I have lots of new and unseen work for next year’s general exhibitions.

Of course, I can’t stop painting! It’s a compulsion! At the moment I’m still working on the demo article for ‘Australian Artist’ magazine and that’s coming along quite well if rather slowly as Xmas is rapidly approaching and there’s so much else taking up my time. And my head is so full of images that I need to create, so a dismal exhibition isn’t going to put me off at all!!!! Painting is just a way of life for me so if I have a studio full of work, so be it!

I hope my Reader out there has a wonderful festive season and a very Happy New Year and I hope to be more cheerful next time I communicate.


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